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Think Sunglasses Are Just for Summer?

Posted on: December 8th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Think sunglasses are just for summer?

Harmful UV rays not only damage your skin but can be harmful to your eyes as well. UV rays are cumulative over time starting at birth. This cumulative effect continues as we age increasing our risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. With this in mind, it’s especially important for kids to protect their eyes from the sun. Children generally spend much more time outdoors than adults.

In fact, experts say nearly 50 percent (or more) of our lifetime exposure to UV rays may occur by age 18, given that many children spend significantly more time outdoors than the average adult.
Therefore, make sure your kids’ eyes are protected from the sun with good quality sunglasses. Also, encourage your child to wear a hat on sunny days to further reduce UV exposure.

Be sure when you purchase sunglasses that they block out 99% – 100% of the UVA and UVB rays.
Sunglasses should be worn year around. Most people think of Summer and sunglasses but just because it is cooler in the Winter or fall, you are still being exposed to the harmful UV rays.