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Having trouble with progressives?

If you are having trouble getting use to your progressive lens, there is some advancement to the standard progressive lens that may be helpful to you. Some of the problems people have complained about is they don’t feel like they have enough reading area or they feel like there is too much distortion in the side vision or they get dizzy going from distance to near vision. This new technology confronts these problems.

The newest advancements in progressives are called “free form technology” and even among free form technology there are differences. In standard progressives, the multifocal is molded in the front surface of the lens. Free form technology takes intelligent software and optimizes the multifocal in the back surface of the progressive putting the multifocal closer to the eye thus giving you less distortion and a wider field of vision. This process improves your distance vision over the standard progressive.

Other free form technology fully integrates both surfaces of the lens putting the vertical part of the progressive on the front and the horizontal part of the progressive on the back. This reduces the eye movement between the distance and the near part of the lens. It gives the patient perfect balance and a more comfortable peripheral vision. It also virtually eliminates that swimming and swaying sensation that some wearers have.

The pinnacle of personalized lens design is the “Free Form iD MyStyle.”

This lens design utilized the new MyStyle iDentifier interactive patient consultation program to gather information about the patient, including lifestyle requirements and wearer preferences. It then analyzes the data from the iDentifier to create a lens that is uniquely personalized to the patient. For the first time ever, a visual experience created by using lifestyle input from the patient. Comfort, clarity and performance like you have never experienced before. A lens design that evolves as the patient’s activities, Rx and needs change.

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