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Contact Lens Policies

* Your contact lens exam includes a full ocular health checkup, a complete visual analysis, and a contact lens fitting.

* You will be able to get contact lenses and/or glasses when you get a contact lens exam.

*If you are a first time contact lenses wearer, there is a one time contact lens training fee of $25.00. This training includes: teaching you how to clean and take care of your contacts, how to insert and remove them from your eyes, and understand what to expect as you wear these new contacts as a first time wearer.

*Dr. Cook will fit you with a pair of diagnostic contacts and let you wear them for one week before returning for a progress check.  The progress check is to make sure that you have good vision and the lenses are comfortable.

*This contact lens progress check is included in the cost of the contact lens eye exam.

*When you are through with the progress check you will recieve your new contact lenses. If we need to order your contacts, we require 1/2 down payment before the contacts can be ordered.

*You will be contacted when your contacts come in.